Specialised translation

Regardless of the field of specialised translation, including specialised translation from English, it requires a great deal of knowledge. Not only when it comes to the language itself, but also in terms of the industry to which the text relate. We provide specialised translation online that you can conveniently order 24/7.

Specialised translation includes:

  • Scientific translation
  • localisation
  • technical manuals
  • industry-specific terminology
  • medical manuals
  • knowledge and areas of specialisation

Wann brauchen Sie eine Fachübersetzung?

Scientific translation proofread by a native speaker

Do you want to translate a scientific publication? Consider ordering a translation with the service of proofreading by a native speaker. In this configuration, your translation will be double-checked in terms of its substantive content. The first check will be performed during the translation process by a selected specialised translator. Then it will be proofread by a native speaker.

Translation with international recognition

Our translations are performed for the needs of international publications in magazines such as the European Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology or Vascular Medicine. We also translate manuals for medical equipment, home diagnostic equipment or those related to the commercial use of research.

Specialised translation complying with the source text

We make sure that our specialised translations correspond to the source text. This includes both the substantial content as well as file formatting. Everything is decided by a simple fact, namely over 1000 translators, including experts in their field of knowledge, cooperate with us. Furthermore, thanks to the implementation of the ISO 17100:2015 standard, we know each of them very well.

We guarantee

  • ISO PN-EN 17100:2015 CERTIFIED
  • flexible deadlines
  • high linguistic competence
  • practice in a given area of translation

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Translations adapted to your needs

private use
product description
email communication
business content
legal documents
technical specifications
industry-specific texts
marketing content
website localization
scientific publications

ISO 17100:2015 standard

That is why we can be certain of their skills. You can be sure that they know the specific vocabulary for the selected industry, and they will also have no problem with specialised terms. Our specialised translations are as they should be. They’re as good as their source language counterparts.

Deadlines are key

At lingy.uk, we emphasise the fact that specialised translations are delivered on the indicated deadlines. The final deadline will be specified in the free online quote. After placing the order, you can be certain that the ready files will be delivered on time.

Ordering specialised translation online

Ordering translations at lingy.uk is simple. Do you need a specialised translation?  Perhaps you are in need of a specialised translation from English? You can order it in a very convenient way: 

visit: https://panel.lingy.uk/en/order/create

choose the language and category of the text

paste the text or upload a file

choose the package

place the order

After making the payment, the translation project is handed over to the translator immediately. We guarantee that the order will be processed by a specialist in a given field of study. When the translator finishes his/her work, the text will be reviewed or proofread by a native speaker, depending on the selected package. After the translation is finished, we will send you the ready file(s) by email. Additionally, you can download them any time from the Customer’s Account.

How many languages of translation do you offer?

The database of languages we support is growing continuously. We currently translate in over 60 languages and 304 language pairs. We offer specialised translation from English, French, German and in any other language pair.  Whatever you may need. All supported languages can be found in the online form. Can’t find the language you need? Contact us at info@lingy.uk

The process is as follows:

– we will choose a translator who is distinguished by both high linguistic competence and specialised knowledge of a given the translation category 

– then, the translation will be checked by a native speaker, who is also distinguished by high linguistic competence, knowledge and, above all, experience in the given translation category.

A native speaker is someone who uses a given language as their native tongue. So a German person will be a native speaker of German, a British person will be a native speaker of English, etc.

Specialised translation – Price List

What is the cost of specialised translation services? The rates start from Euro 0.19 per word. The final rate is impacted by factors such as the selected language pair, the selected package or the category of the text. The deadlines remain unchanged – as short as possible.

Specialised translation – quick and convenient

At lingy.uk, we care about the deadline, quality and your comfort.  When you place an order, you can be sure that your translation is in good hands. It will be translated by an experienced specialised translator, distinguished by high linguistic competence, and having the necessary knowledge and practice in a given area of translation. Simple. Convenient. Effective and efficient. This is how we have been operating. Always.