Increase the reach of your business with flawless translations

Increase the reach of your business with flawless translations

Social media accounts accompany us not only in our private lives. 

They are a very important part of doing business or building a personal brand. Marketing departments, content specialists, graphic designers, and video frame masters spare no effort to create strategy and posts for new channels. Why? 

We provide translation services for companies

Why do companies communicate on social media? 

There are several objectives we want to achieve through social media accounts. Through social media publications, companies want to build awareness among potential customers and present themselves as an expert in a particular field. The posts help to demonstrate the values behind the company. As a result, it helps to gain the trust of the audience. Finally, content is intended to support the sales process. 

For companies with an international reach, social media allow them to reach a worldwide audience. That is, of course, if the content is well translated. Automatic translation or translators embedded in a web browser can play tricks and spoil a carefully prepared post. Instead of audience engagement, marketing will see a decline in reach.  

And how do you use written, spoken word or graphics to ensure this audience engagement? 

Social media posts – build engagement with your community  

A post published on a company’s social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Tik-Tok cannot be made at random. It is good to be inspired by current trends, but common sense is definitely a better adviser. So what advices you follow while working on content? 

Who should respond to a social media post and why? 

Content development should be started by identifying whom the post is intended to reach and what effect it is intended to have. Joining an event? Reading an expert article? Or a final purchase of a product? There are many objectives we want to achieve in social media and they are defined during the creation of a content map.  

It is also worth using the publication to demonstrate the value of the company. What is your competitive advantage? What are you giving the recipient, i.e., to the (potential) customer? Will it satisfy their need? Will it eliminate the anxiety or problem? 

Adding content to social media is very much about answering questions. It should be noted that, depending on the country in which the recipients live, responses may vary. Therefore, in addition to simple translation, localisation and sometimes hyperlocalisation of content will be necessary. It will allow to avoid linguistic misunderstandings or slip-ups and help to achieve the desired effect. 

We have already written about what the expected effect might be. How to achieve it? 

Through Call To Action. It consists in suggeestng the recipient what we care about and what our post urges them to do. There should be one CTA per publication – an incentive to buy, but not only that. It is worth inviting the recipient to visit the online shop, browse the photo gallery of a recent project or leave a comment. A comment that the account manager will not leave unanswered.  

Our posts will have better reach and recipients will be more willing to interact if we treat the customer on a particular channel like a long-awaited guest. Even if it is our fan leader.  

Themes for social media posts  

What we write about depends, of course, on the scope of the business and what we offer to our audience. It is important to ‘try walking in the shoes of the audience’, so that the content really addresses their problems, challenges or needs. The closer the post is to the reader or viewer, the more likely they are to engage by adding a reaction, post a comment or share the content with their friends. And most importantly, encouraged by the CTA’s call, they will make a purchase or perfom another desired action. 

Internet users also like to see what goes on behind the scenes: how products are made, what it’s like to deliver a service, where their favourite suppliers work on a daily basis. By showing the real people, it is easier to interact with those who matter most in business, namely… the real people. 

It is also worth reacting to what is happening here and now in the world. RTM, or Real Time Marketing, allows humour to be introduced into the chosen communication path in relation to current socio-cultural events. 

It’s not just text that matters – graphics and video in social media 

Gorgias said that the word is a powerful ruler. In today’s digital world, photos and videos – preferably with subtitles –  seem to have even more power online. We don’t like long content, we follow images and headlines. 

An interesting content post is sure to keep an internet user on a particular profile for longer. To get them to stop scrolling, however, we need to grab their attention. With what? With image. It would be good if these were not images from a photo database, but photographs of real products or stills of the process of performing a service.  

Do not forget to label them with your company logo. The more often the viewer sees the sign, the better it will be remembered, which affects brand recognition.  

It is good to take care not only of the quality of the graphics, but also of the advertising slogan or text that will appear on it. In the case of foreign language content, they must be translated without error. The slightest error on a graphic will discourage the user from reading the entire post or web content.  

For which industry do we translate social media posts? 

Ask what industry you represent – and you have the answer! Our work on translating content for social media is not limited to just translation of texts or slogans for the e-commerce sector. 

In terms of marketing translation, we also support the financial, banking, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. We work for manufacturers and other professionals in the IT and new technology sectors.  

Faster and cheaper translations with guaranteed quality 

The accumulation of translation memories and glossaries for clients allows for faster translations in the future and optimises the cost of the service. Our tools memorise concepts, terms specific to a particular industry or brand, allowing the translator to translate or revise content more quickly. 

Increase the reach of your business with flawless translations 

Well-translated content allows companies to build trust with potential customers, create an expert image, and advertise products or services. You can belong to that group too.  

Instead of opting for automatic and ineffective solutions, choose quality and experience. With our translations, you will gain unlimited content coverage.  

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