How to Use Google Trends for Your Business

Google has become part of everyone’s lives nowadays. When you have a question, you use Google. When you want to buy something or look for product reviews, you use Google. When you want to kill time, you use Youtube, which is by Google. All these activities are data collected by Google in order to understand our behaviours. It would be amazing if someone can present those data to us so that we can get a bigger piece of the cake right? Well, Google does it by offering a tool called Google Trends. 

Google Trends is a free tool offered by Google presenting Google Search statistics which can help a lot of businesses to understand the market that they are in and the behaviour of their customers in a very easy-to-understand way. By understanding the most popular Google Search trends, you can develop business strategies that are better suited to the current market to have a competitive edge over the others. It is a great tool for any business that would like to conduct market research without the big cost that usually comes with it. So how to use Google trend Trends for your business?

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Analysing Google Search Trends

It’s good to focus on a niche in today’s highly competitive market but you also have to make sure that there is actually demand for your products. Knowing the demand for the products that you are about to sell is going to help you with deciding which product to source and for how many. You can do so by analysing Google search trends. Google Trends allows you to set the timeframe, the language and the region. It can show the changes in demand over time and in what region. This is helpful for both national and international sales.

Learn more on product demand

Searching your product on Google Trends let you know the search volume of the product over time so that you will have an idea of if the product is worth selling or not. For example, accessories for espresso machines can often be bought for cheap from the east and sold for a big mark up in the west after some marketing work. But not all accessories are in demand. From analysing the data presented by Google Trends, we can see that “Coffee cup” and “Portafilter” have steadily increasing demands which mean those are the products that we should consider sourcing if we are focusing on the espresso machine accessories niche. 

Find the regions that have the most interest 

Google Trends also shows you the keywords’ interest by region, letting you know which market you should focus on. For example, the term” Espresso Machine” shows that the top 3 regions that are most interested are Romania, Italy and Denmark. It is a good indication that you should create listings and product descriptions that are in their local language in order to get sales from those customers. A product is a lot more attractive for a customer if the listing and product description is in their native language. Paid ads can also be placed in those regions that show bigger interest which can be more effective save you cost. It is important to make sure that there is no grammatical mistake or anything offensive in the product listings and ads. Looking for a professional translating agency when needed.

Related searches & related queries

Expand your product range

Related searches and queries help you to look for additional products and brands in your niche that your customers are most likely to be interested in. They show a number of top or trending searches that people make when they searched your keywords. You can then start analysing those new keywords to find products that you might want to start selling as well to expand your product range.

Create content for your customers

You can also create content surrounding the products and brands such as “best espresso machine under £600” or “How to clean your portafilter” etc. Creating content is an important part of marketing. It allows your customer to find you easier and interact with your brand more. Businesses that conduct content marketing have 63% more leads and have a 30% higher growth rate than those that do not. It is also important to see the keyword volume at a specific time so that you will know the best time to create content and promote your product.

Know your enemy

You can also put in your brand and your competitor’s brand as keywords to compare the popularity between them. You can analyse the times when your competitor has the most search volume and the reasons behind them. It could be product launches, promotional campaigns or good content that helped your competitor. You can study them and use them to your advantage in order to get an edge over your competitor.

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Hot Searches on Google Trends

What’s hot right now

On the first page of Google Trends, it shows you the “Recently Trending” list. This list consists of different keywords that are the most popular at the moment. It helps with knowing what seasonal products that you should stock. They are in different categories which help you to look for keywords that are most helpful to you. 

For example, “Pumpkin Spice latte” was on the trending list under the category “recipes” in autumn which indicates that selling Pumpkin spice powder 2 months before autumn might be a good idea if your business is coffee related. 

It also shows you topics that you can create promotions and contests on for you to expand your reach to more customers. They can be seasonal such as Halloween or Christmas related or movies and TV shows related. Contests are very popular nowadays and can help you generate UGC (user-generated content) for your products and your brand. They can act as promotional materials and user reviews for you to leverage for your brand’s marketing purposes. More importantly, hosting these promotions and contests let your customers interact with your products and your brands which can increase brand loyalty if done correctly, which can lead to increased sales and more positive word-of-mouth!

Avoid short-lived keywords

It is important to know what keywords on the trending list only have sudden popularity spikes.  Those are not worth your time and effort to source them and create content for them. This can be shown by looking at the keywords’ performance over time. Focusing on products that have steady growth can help your brand to grow with it in the long run and it is much better to focus your effort and money on those products.

Using Google Trends for Your Business

Google Trends is an easy to use and free tool for you to find out more about consumer behaviour and the market that your business is in. The information that it offers is unrivalled and it is definitely a tool that you should use regularly to keep up with the market. But it is also important to remember that the current market is highly competitive. You need to offer great products that your customers want and promote them effectively for your business to strive. You should also conduct additional market research if you have the resources to do so as Google Trends’ information is far from complete and other research are still needed in order to understand the market.