CAT tools for translators – Trados and its alternatives

The development of technology comes with many new opportunities in every industry, and that includes the translation sectors. Many of the new technologies are intended to support professional activity on a daily basis. This is exactly what CAT tools for translators are, thanks to which you can translate faster, better and more efficiently. Explore the […]

Machine translation – definition along with the types, advantages and disadvantages of it

Machine translation, automated translation defines translation from one language to another without human participation. In times of the fast pace of development of information technologies, it falls under the category of ‘computer linguistics’, which is getting more and more efficient every year. Does such a dynamic development of this area mean that machines will soon […]

Translation of movie titles – why is it so difficult?

Most likely you have come across a situation in which the Polish title of a movie completely did not correspond to its original counterpart. Basically, several factors have an impact on the above and this is not necessarily due to the incompetence of the translator. In many such cases, this is due to issues related […]

The TOP 7 proofreading tools

Let’s assume that you have written a text that you want to publish. Are you convinced that you wrote it correctly? Unfortunately, practice has shown that authors rarely see the mistakes they make in their own texts and the built-in error checking feature in text editors does not always catch all typos. Luckily, there are […]