How to Sell Products Online

Starting a business that sells products online is extremely popular nowadays. According to Statista, the total eCommerce market has a revenue of $3.2 trillion in 2021 and it has a growth rate of 6.3% annually. This is due to consumers all over the world starting to buy more and more products online instead of from […]

Choosing a speech translator application for a smartphone

Modern technologies make life easier. This is a fact that is undeniable. The biggest challenge, however, is choosing the right solution. It is especially visible with software solutions available for mobile devices. When it comes to real-time translation software, there’s quite a big variety of tools to choose from. Smartphone speech translator app – which […]

How to choose a webinar software and its translation

How to prepare a live webinar? You will need one of the tools that use webcast technology for this purpose. Some of them offer features that allow you to provide simultaneous translation to the attendees. Other webinar tools can also ensure translation through dedicated platforms. Webinars will make it possible for you to achieve your […]