Marketing translation as the key to success of the fashion industry. Cooperation with a popular fashion brand

Marketing translation as the key to success of the fashion industry. Cooperation with a popular fashion brand

We cooperated with many customers on a daily basis. They include local companies, international enterprises and well-known brands. What are the similarities between all of them? Everyone expects high-quality translations that will help in business development. Additionally, professional translations affect their image, contribute to the opinions of recipients and are the decisive factor when it comes to establishing cooperation or purchasing products.

An example is an order we performed for a well-known fashion and lifestyle platform*. In this article, we present its success story with the support of our translations. We describe the steps of our cooperation and its requirements.

The translator faced a challenging task – it was not so much about the translation itself as it was about transcreation and adaptation of texts and slogans to the match the industry language and the tone of voice of the brand, which sells products in many countries around the world and ensures a consistent image of all messages.

  • Transcreation is one of the methods of translation, which consists in embedding words and expressions in the target language (translation + creation). The adaptation of the message includes emotions, intentions, style or cultural context. Therefore, it requires high language skills.
  • The tone of voice is a brand’s way of communicating with its audience. It relates to the language, vocabulary, values, communication channels and other features that make it possible to identify the brand.

 Transcreation for companies at

Description of the customer’s activity – “fashion for everyone”

Our customer is a fashion and lifestyle platform that sells online in many countries in Europe. Its product range includes clothes and accessories for women, men and children, as well as jewellery, watches and cosmetics of the top brands.

The platform operates on many foreign markets, so it has high requirements as to the quality of translations and the approach to their preparation. It is crucial to properly embed the brand’s messages in the target language so that it can conduct consistent marketing communication.

The most important message of the brand is fashion for everyone. Despite the product range, which includes the largest fashion brands and products from well-known designers, it emphasizes that everyone can shop on the brand’s platform. It offers clothes and accessories in various sizes, available for all body types. Their wide selection also makes it possible to shop regardless of your budget.

What was our task?

We received an order from the fashion platform covering marketing translation from English into Polish. It included advertising slogans, names of categories or some products, as well as texts for a landing page dedicated to the new collection.

We also received documents with a detailed description of the brand’s tone of voice and instructions on how to proceed in specific cases of translation. The customer required expert language in their marketing messages, similar to that of fashion magazines. In the information texts, regarding mainly the details of an order and the shipping process, it was supposed to be more official, concise and understandable for the recipient.

Furthermore, the customer always addressed the recipients directly, using the second singular form of the verb – this also had to be remembered (this is very important when it comes to the Polish language).

As we mentioned earlier, it also avoids references to figure imperfections – instead, it creates a positive image of the human body, which is beautiful in every size.

As for the CTA (call-to-action), they were supposed to remain constant, as in previous campaigns. So they had to be traced back and analysed. The customer also recommended avoiding borrowings, unless they refer to product names. They could also be used in the form of industry vocabulary.

In commands in the order, transcreation was dominant. It is a common procedure in marketing translations. It involves the adaptation of translation to the recipient on the local market, thanks to which the translation sounds natural and reaches the brand’s customers more accurately.

Such a translation process is a challenge for the translator, who must have excellent knowledge of the foreign language as well as the culture and customs of the given country.

Description of the implementation – delivering a creative translation

This order was particularly important for our company. We were able to establish a cooperation with a large customer who needed translations on an ongoing basis and whose business covers the global market.

We took care of the translation with great commitment, providing our translator with all the necessary information about the brand’s DNA and the guidelines it provided.

After the translation process, all texts, slogans and CTAs also underwent thorough review and additional language adjustment if it turned out that some fragments could be improved in the Polish messages.

A marketing creation was developed in which the new clothing collection was presented in an attractive way, in accordance with the brand’s image in the media.

We can consider the cooperation as fully successful, because it was not our only order from the fashion platform.

The effects of cooperation – a successful advertising campaign, in line with the tone of voice of the brand

It’s time to show off the effects of the translation. The customer received all the ordered texts and slogans needed to introduce the new collection to the Polish market and promote it online.

They were tailored to his needs and the way of communication of Polish recipients. Expressions and comparisons were introduced that matched the tone of voice of the brand.

Here are sample translations:

Sweetness that has power – Słodycz, która ma moc

Whatever the occasion, make an impression this season – Niezależnie od okazji, w tym sezonie zrób wrażenie

Everyday clothes with expressive accents are a tribute to streetwear – Codzienne ubrania z wyrazistymi akcentami to ukłon dla streetwearu

Add a splash of colour to everyday grey – Dodaj nutkę koloru do codziennej szarości

Casual elegance – Swobodna elegancja

Summer’s in the air – Zapach lata w powietrzu

Style update – Update stylu

Take care of yourself – Zatroszcz się o siebie

All shapes are beautiful – Wszystkie kształty są piękne

With such a message, the fashion and lifestyle platform could confidently enter the market with new products.


Thanks to a professional approach to translations and compliance with all guidelines, we were able to properly complete the order, helping the customer achieve another business goal.

The example of our cooperation shows that texts for the fashion industry must be creative, catchy, refer to needs and even break stereotypes.

It is very important not only to translate, but also to adjust the style of communication to the industry in which the customer operates.

This is how we translate at

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*we protect the privacy of our customers, therefore we do not provide company/brand names.

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