Content writing, copywriting and translations. How do they differ?

Are content writing, copywriting and translations related? In some way – yes. All of them refer to services involving work with text. Despite this similarity, they are very different. Each of them has a different meaning and application. A text is submitted to a content writer for a different purpose than when it is submitted […]

Translating text from an image

Is translation of an image even possible? Certainly! It is possible thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which involves optical character recognition. This solution analyses the provided graphic file, i.e. a scan of a document or its photo, and recognizes the text on it. It then extracts the text and converts it into […]

How does neural machine translation (NMT) work?

Today’s technology is extremely advanced. There are many different tools and programmes to help make your work and daily activities easier. They can be used in many areas –including the translation industry. One such solution is neural machine translation (NMT). What is it and how exactly can it be used? Find out from our article.

Enabling website translation in different browsers

Do you want to enable website translation in a browser? The process depends on the type of browser. It looks a bit different in Opera, Chrome or Safari. In some cases, translating a page is possible thanks to a tool that’s already built into the browser. In other cases, you will need to download and […]

Choosing a speech translator application for a smartphone

Modern technologies make life easier. This is a fact that is undeniable. The biggest challenge, however, is choosing the right solution. It is especially visible with software solutions available for mobile devices. When it comes to real-time translation software, there’s quite a big variety of tools to choose from. Smartphone speech translator app – which […]

Translating the COVID-19 test result – when do you need it?

Are you planning a trip abroad? Keep in mind the restrictions on cross-border traffic that are still in force, which most countries have introduced during the coronavirus pandemic. It may turn out that you will not be allowed to cross the border of a given country due to certain restrictions. This is because you will […]

What is the best solution for analysing Facebook activities?

Do you manage a business and use Facebook? Did you know that you can use this channel even more effectively? You are probably aware that intuition alone will not always suffice. Use a Facebook Activity Analytics solution to find out which strategies are beneficial and which should no longer be used. What tools of this […]